Be Prepared for 1/19 mtg.- Winter Training

Hello everyone-

This week’s meeting will be a good one for those of you needing specific requirements signed off OR if you want to practice your skills.  It is NOT to prepare for Winterfest as due to lack of interest we will NOT be taking a team this year.  Maybe next year!

We will have 5 stations setup.  Warner and Frank will be running Knots,  Logan, Shane and Mike will be running Fire Building, Ezra and Robert will be on Ice Rescue, Sam and Bryant will be on First Aid and Chris Meluso, Max and Marcel will be running Lashings.

Bring your Handbook, wear your Class A and we’ll start at 7!

Also,  Class B’s are in! If you ordered a Class B T-shirt or Hoodie, please come to meeting to pick up (and wear proudly!). -Thanks

Mr. Longbotham