Be Prepared for 5/18 meeting- Backpack Inspection and Duck Pond Station Competition

Dear Troop-

This Thursday we will be inspecting backpacks (Chris B., Logan and Ezra) and setting up Patrol competition stations to prep for Duck Pond. PLEASE look carefully to see if you need to brush up on anything before the mtg. AND you can choose TWO requirements to have signed off.  We will be using the EDGE (Explain, Demonstrate, Guide and Enable) method to help all Scouts learn the skill.

Fire competition– stack logs and make a fire to burn through string ASAP (Logan, Sam and Chris M)
Backpacking stoves– put together, start and boil water so soap flakes boil over (Max, JC, Robert and Frank)
Setup tent ASAP (with fly and stakes)- (Warner, Alec and Shane)

Bear bags/Knot – setup, tie two half hitches and haul bag up. (Marcel, Chris B, and Ezra)


WEAR Class A and have Class B underneath for stations.

SIGN UP for Duck Pond if you plan on going and BRING your backpack for Inspection.

ALSO- Be sure to BRING your book to have checked (Turn in at Info. table)

Mr. Longbotham