Be Prepared for 6/8 Mtg- 3rd Annual Golden Spatula Cookoff

Hello Troop-

Get your cooking skills on guys!  This week’s meeting will feature the 3rd Annual Golden Spatula Cookoff where Patrols will compete for the coveted Golden Spatula Award for 2017.  Each patrol will be given 5 mystery ingredients and will have time to look at common Pantry ingredients and plan their dessert.  Look out!  There will be that dratted 6th ingredient that you must include and you won’t get it for  15 minutes.  A panel of judges will judge your dish based on Use of ALL 6 ingredients, Plating and Name of dish, Taste, Originality, and Team presentation.  Get ready, Get set, COOKOFF!

IMPORTANT-  Summer Camp Scouts– we will be handing out your Merit Badge Choices page.  It will be due by next mtg. at the Court of Honor.  We also need to know your tent buddy.  ALL MEDICALS are due by next Thursday, 6/15 at the Court of Honor.  Otherwise you will have to bring your Scout up in person on 1st day of camp and hand deliver it to the Medical officer.  

Mr. Longbotham