Be Prepared: Jan. 7 mtg.- Knots and Lashings/ Advancement

Happy New Year everyone!

At the meeting this week we will be teaching and reviewing knots and some lashings, and setting some time aside for advancement in between stations.  The boys will be practicing some knots – two half-hitches, square, taut-line hitch, bowline, and clove hitch. We’ll also doing some square lashes, shear lashes and diagonal lashes with frapping to finish off. We may even have time for a knot relay as a finish up.  Also- think about a goal for yourself as a Scout this year.   WEAR CLASS A AND BRING HANDBOOK.

Events coming up:

Sat. 1/9    9-12 – Sled Repair to get ready for Winterfest next weekend.  Meet at Mr. Meluso’s home- 61 Ferris Lane- DRESS WARM

Sat. 1/16  8:30-5-  Winterfest at Camp TriMount-  Create a team of 8 and drive your sled from “town to town” through camp completing challenges.  There will also be an Ice Dive team there and a warming hut with hot cocoa.  A great event with fun for all.  Dress warm and bring a lunch.  Cost- $8

Jim Longbotham