Be Prepared: June 9 mtg.- Best Pizza in Town Taste Test / Egg Drop

th-2Hello All-

This week brings our last meeting before the Court of Honor on 6/16.  As it is Tyler’s last meeting as SPL he chose the Pizza Taste Test- an event that has been long awaited!  Boys from the PLC will be getting a cheese pizza from 7 pizzerias in New Paltz and we will be using a scoring rubric to judge each location.  Drum roll please!!!  Do you have a favorite spot?  Let’s see how it fares.  We will be ending the meeting by having those attending Summer Camp choose their Merit Badges for the  week, meeting in patrols for 5 minutes or so for book signings  and then doing an Egg Drop.   Hope to see you there!

NOTE:  If you have NOT made Scout rank- PLEASE look over what is left and try to make it this week.  You can do it!

Bring: Class A and Handbook

Mr. Longbotham