Be Prepared: March 12 mtg. – Leadership Response Course/ Danceoff!*

images-7Hello all-

This week will begin a series of activities to help the Troop get prepared for our West Point competition.

This week’s challenge will be a Leadership Response Course.  It will be very important for each Patrol to listen carefully to their leader and work as a team.  Time will also be spent having some fun as each Patrol will get to design their own dance to perform for the rest of the Troop.  What song will your Patrol choose?

Bring:  Class A, Handbook, ALL candy and Philly deposit $ is due!


  • Summer Camp balance is due in two weeks.
  • Balance of candy $ is due at this meeting.
  • Spaghetti Dinner is around the corner!  Sell those tickets!
  • Snow shoe (yup, there is still enough snow!) trip is this Friday from 4:30-7:30-  we’ll be hiking up Bonticou Crag, checking out the Maple Sugarbush and grabbing a slice back in town.  Bring headlamp, warm clothes, gloves, hat and ski poles if you have them. Snowshoes provided!