Be Prepared: May 28 mtg- The Great Golden Spatula Patrol Cookoff

Hello fellow cooks and eaters!

This week’s Unknown-13meeting brings the 1st Annual Great Golden Spatula Patrol Cookoff!  (Cue the dramatic music!)  Each Patrol will be provided certain ingredients along with a Patrol Box of pans and utensils and stove and you will work together to produce a dish that will be presented to judges.  It will be judged on 1) Use of all ingredients 2) Overall taste 3) Plating and 4) Team Presentation.  Get ready, Get set, Stove on!


We would also like to encourage all newer Scouts to contact any Scout Star rank or above and ask about getting your Scout rank and/or any rank requirements that you need signed off.  This can be done before, during Patrol meeting and after the meeting.


Bring:  Class A and your Handbook


Mr. Longbotham