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Be Prepared for 1/12 meeting: Advancement Night/ Merit badges

Hello everyone- This week we will be welcoming 3 of our Merit Badge counselors to host a session.  Mrs. St. George will be leading Family Life, I will be leading Citizenship in the Community, Mr. Lawson will be leading Communications and Mr. Eckert will be leading Personal Management.  All are Eagle required badges.  Simultaneously we […]

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Be Prepared for Feb. 11 meeting- First Aid prep and Troop Game

Hi everyone- This week’s meeting will be focusing on a couple more scenarios and using our first aid knowledge to determine what to do.  Time will be spent on proper bandaging techniques and setting priorities in an emergency.  We’ll also be taking some time to have some fun playing  Mousetrap Minefield!  Look out! REMINDER:  It […]

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Be Prepared: February 5 mtg.- First Aid Stations/ Yo Yo Night

Hello all- We will continue practicing our First Aid skills tonite as we split up and rotate through 4 different stations to hone our skills: Splinting (legs and arms/short and long)    –  Daniel Stretchers/Carries (4 handed seat, Fireman, Blanket drag)-  Ezra and Max Bandaging (Limb, Head, Ankle, Sling and Swath, Burn)-  Bravo 911 Calls […]

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