DATE CHANGE- Be Prepared for Wed. 2/22 Mtg.- Attend Village Board Mtg.

Hello all-

This week our meeting will be held on WEDNESDAY, 2/22.  We will meet at 6:45 pm at the Village Hall where the Memorial Day Parade ends up.  CLASS A is mandatory.  Bring a notebook and pen as we will be listening to the meeting and making notes about our reactions to various topics discussed.  NOTE:  This is a requirement for Communications and Citizenship in the Community Merit Badges.  We will leave the meeting at 8:15 in order to circle up briefly and discuss some of our thoughts regarding the meeting.  Pick up will be promptly at 8:30.

Mr. Longbotham

ALSO-  Those who went Cabin Camping- Trevor is missing a pair of Black Medium Snow bibs.  His sleeping bag has been located!  PLEASE check your things.