Scouting For Food – 8:00am Sat 11/5 – Help Needed

Scouting for Food CanHi,

This Saturday, November 5th at 8:00 am. Scouting For Food (SFF) bag drop off.

This is a reminder that we need people (you!) at 8:00 am (not 8:30) to assemble in the scout meeting room to pickup driving routes for the distribution of SFF bags. Chris Nadareski is this event’s organizer and here is his message:

Everyone should be present at 8 am. We’d like two parents per vehicle (one as a spotter for safety). We need at least 10-12 parents or more with as many boys as possible to distribute the bags quickly. I will notify the New Paltz Police Department on Saturday morning. Next Saturday, Nov. 12th, we will meet again at 8:00 am to follow the same routes for food pickup, boxing and delivery. I have written an announcement for next week’s New Paltz Times about the Scouting for Food Drive.

This is a needed community service event. We need your support. Thank you.